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All you need is “Reliable, Affordable and Easy Payroll”
One hour respond is not bad either


Our state of the Art technology can Accept check in/out, Calculate Reg, OT, DBL time with the GPS technology and Electronic signature


Do not fall on the hands of companies who combine Workers Comp/Payroll/Hr to charge you more. We can offer you separate Worker’s Compensation at the best rate in the market (9% of total payroll)

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    What You Get With

    Payroll Processing

    Save time and money by letting us do your heavy lifting. Our services are affordable, efficient and timely.

    Time and Attendance Mobile App

    Pay for actual work time. Prevent buddy punching. Thwart Payroll Abuse and Time Fraud. Hold employees accountable. Cloud based database. Smart Phone ,Biometric time attendance merchine and DeskTop computer

    HR Department

    Human Resource Department is very important department in each business. As a business, all you need are some forms, employee review package and Labor Law Poster. Also, the Employee hand book is another element of HR Department. WE HAVE ALL OF THEM FOR YOU

    Homeland Security E-Verify

    E-Verify is a service that employers use to compare their employees’ I-9s to records kept with US Government databases to verify employment eligibility in the United States. We'll help you with E-Verify.

    Workers' Compensation/ Benefits

    We are an approved payroll processing agent of "THE HARTFORD" insurance. We offer HARTFORD's pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation Insurance services.

    Base Price $29.99 plus $1.50 per employee

    Why Your Employees Will Love Our Mobile App


    Employees can clock in and out right from their personal smart phone.


    Automated and error free. Mandatory review and verification of time sheets.


    Instant notifications and alerts. Realtime calculation of regular, overtime and double overtime hours


    Securely hosted in iOS apps store and Google Play for easy download.

    Why you need Green60 App!

    We make your life and your employees' lives easier!

    Zero risk

    We guaranty all the taxes are paid in a timely manner and all the fed and state filings are filed on time

    According to the law

    We are updated with regulations and labor laws, processes, and changes requested by the authorities.

    Reduction of operating costs

    Our Technology is designed to reduce your cost by offering paperless or delivery service. You may print check on your desk top at the comfort of your own office. All the reports are stored digital on your website’s portal.


    This service is available to all business owners who maintain employees and want to run their Payroll.

    Get the benefits of Payroll in three key areas of your business

    Human resources and Payroll

    • Specialpayrollparameterization.
    • Payment of all applicable taxes.
    • Compliance with labor and tax regulations.
    • Updating and application of legal changes in payroll management.


    • Complete control of financial operations.
    • Personnel control through technological tools.
    • Secure backups of information and the history of employees.

    Eliminate the cost of fines or surcharges

    • Avoid the purchase of software licenses for payroll calculation and update or support expenses.
    • Redirect investment in material inputs, infrastructure, and furniture to areas that do generate income.

    Payroll service tailored to Sector of your Business

    Our payroll service is tailored to the needs of business owners in the United States; it matches their reality. A service that goes far beyond payroll software or writing a check is an experience of growth.


    We like to be part of our client’s success stories.

    The payroll service allows me to spend time on the strategic part of my business. In addition, it helps and facilitates the payments I need to make at all times.

    James Williams | Accountant

    Green60 helps me a lot, mainly by taking the worry out of making payments to employees. Itisaccurate and timely.

    Benjamín García 

    With Green60’s Payroll service, I feel at ease because my payments are always on time.

    Cynthia Brown| Accounting Manager

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    No matter the size of your payroll. We take care of it!

    So many companies from different industries have allowed us to offer payroll assistance.


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      FAQs - Payroll

      What do I need to get started?
      All we need is your company and employee information and payroll history (if applicable) for this year. Then, call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your payroll requirements.

      Can I change payroll providers mid-year?
      Yes, we can start your payroll at any time as long as you have records of your payroll history.

      Can I import payroll information into my accounting software?
      Yes, we can help you import payroll data into accounting software so that all the information is in one place.

      If I have another question, who should I contact?
      You may contact the Customer Service Area, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, through the following channels:
       E-mail: rob@green60.com
       Telephone: 844-473-3660

      No Contract, No Hassle

      Gain peace of mind without being locked into a contract.
      Ours is a “pay-for-performance” payroll service.
      Pay only when you run your payroll

      Base Price $19.99 plus $1.50 per employee

      I had been using ADP for a few years to do my payroll and ADP is a good service, but they charged me for every little thing. I went to Green60.com. They only charge me a flat fee of $19.99 and only when I actually use the service. As a small business, I don’t always do payroll 2 times a month, but even if I didn’t use ADP at all, they still charged me a monthly fee”
      Bob H
      Irvine, CA

      Join Satisfied Businesses and
      Get Started for FREE

      Easy Setup. No Upfront payment. Cancel Anytime

      Try FREE for 30 Days. No Obligation.

      Process Payroll in 3 Easy Steps

      Step 1

      Open Your Payroll Account

      Pick up the phone and call 844-473-3660 and talk to us

      Step 2

      Add employees and activate their account

      Email us your business information and W4 for your Employees

      Step 3

      Put yourself in control

      Start Using the system and we are here to answer any question you may have.

      So Easy.
      It Makes Your Smile!

      Keep using Green60.com so you can spend more time keeping your clients healthy, happy and cheery.

      Quick Payroll Process.

      Base Price $19.99 plus $1.50 per employee

      Try FREE for 30 Days. No Obligation.

      I had been using Intuit for my payroll service and was introduced to Green60.com by a friend. I have to say their pricing is much better and they have great customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
      Jimmy H.
      Fullerton, CA

      A Payroll System for the all general company practices that Covers Any Type of Employee



      Employees "1099"

      Join Satisfied Businesses and
      Get Started for FREE

      Easy Setup. No Upfront payment. Cancel Anytime

      Base Price $19.99 plus $1.50 per employee

      No Long Term Contracts

      Huge Savings and great flexibility.

      Print Checks on Site

      You control how and when you issue your Payroll checks. NO waste Time you will Receive Text or Email when your Payroll has been processed.

      US Based Support

      Have peace of mind that your important information is handled by a vetted US based team

      You Are in Control With Our Online Payroll Service

      Using a choice of employee payment methods, you control how you pay your employees.

      Base Price $19.99 plus $1.50 per employee

      Make Direct Deposits

      Own Checks

      We Process Checks

      Join Satisfied Businesses and
      Get Started for FREE

      Easy Setup. No Upfront payment. Cancel Anytime

      Base Price $19.99 plus $1.50 per employee

      Our Story

      From our inception, Green60.com has been steadfast in supporting the all general company  and of these Practitioners with Online Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Time Tracking System Services. As a result, we’ve become one of the most sought after Towing and Commercial Truck Payroll Service companies in the USA.

      Together with our parent company Green60, we have the capacity and capability to bring  a whole suite of services, including the innovative Green60 Payroll app (iOS or Android).

      Easy and affordable full-service payroll processing service for the all general company.

      Green60.com is a part of Green60Payroll.com

      Paperless, eco-friendly payroll processing tax and compliance services for small, medium, and large businesses.

      All the General company and more Payroll, Time & Attendance App & HR Plans

      Choose Your Plan and Get Started

      Payroll FAQs

      Apart from regular payroll, we offer;
      ● PTO Accrual & Use Tracking
      ● Employer Contribution 401K
      ● Voluntary Deductions
      ● Garnishments

      Yes, we;
      ● File Payroll Taxes
      ● Pay Payroll Taxes

      Our software can handle your
      ● Hourly Employees (8,10 and 12-hour shifts)
      ● Salaried Employees
      ● Contract Employees

      We support;
      ● Direct Deposits
      ● Print Checks on Site (you print your own checks)
      ● We print your checks. Pickup or mail delivery option available.

      ● Generate Payroll Reports
      ● Export Payroll Reports

      Yes, we process W-2 & 1099.

      ● We provide New Employee Reporting services for free. We also provide;
      ● Employee Change Options
      ● Multi-Level Management Access

      With our “Smartphone Access” , you can check your payroll at any time from anywhere in the
      In addition, we provide’;
      ● Payroll Reminders
      ● Email Confirmation
      ● Text Confirmations
      ● Tax Withdraw Alerts
      ● Fraudulent Activity Alerts

      Our Payroll.Dentist service caters exclusively to Dentists and Dental Professionals like you. In addition, we provide;
      ● Tax Accuracy Guarantee
      ● Satisfaction Guarantee
      ● No Long-Term Contract (most our competitors charge you even if you don’t use their service)
      ● Unlimited Monthly Payrolls
      ● No Deadline
      ● Free Forever Archiving

      We will do the Initial Payroll Setup . Then, follow our comprehensive Tutorials to get started. If
      you need any help, our ‘U.S. Based Support’ is available to assist you in any way. You may
      reach us via;
      ● Phone Support
      ● Email Support
      ● Live Chat
      ● FAQ’s
      ● Online Contact Form
      Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm, PST

      Office locations;

      Newport Beach Office:
      1500 Quail St. Suite 270 Newport Beach, CA 92660

      Beverly Hills Office:
      9330 Clifton Way Suite 102 Beverly Hills, CA 90210


      Base Price $19.99 plus $1.50 per employee

      Try FREE for 30 Days. No Obligation.