Controlling employee and labor costs is a crucial task in every business. There are plenty of devices and software applications that can keep track of each employee’s hours, and some offer other options such as scheduling  employees’ vacation time, tracking sick leave, and estimating job costs. But these products can carry the high price tag. Yes, they are a good choice for companies with more than a hundred employees. They can ease the effort of having the Human Resources Department and Payroll Processing Department monitor all of these tasks. Of course, you need to pay for all these services. But as small business owner can you effort that? The minimum cost of these services including the divice, software and PC are about $300 per month plus a big initial investment, not considering  cost of Human Resources department.—even at part time—is $1,500 a month. Companies need to find ways to save as much as possible in order to stay in business.

What is the solution?

If you are a small business with fewer than 25 employees, you do not need all service such as Scheduling, Job Cost or even big huge cost. You just need a simple device to keep track of employees’ hours. Calculate   employees work hours, regular, overtime, or even double time. Converting minute to percentage and transfer this data to the payroll processing company for issuing the payroll check.  Discovery 19  Model SS1 is easy to works and simple to set up,  and most importantly it does not require extensive training to use. Here are some advantages to Discovery 19 model SS1:

  1. “Discovery 19” is FREE ($399 value) if you bundle it with Green 60 Payroll Services.
  2. “Discovery 19” has an option called “no unauthorized overtime.” Designated Employees can clock in or out only during the times they are scheduled to work. The system will not recognize them beyond those times.
  3. “Discovery 19” will send you a text or email message if an employee does not show up for work at the scheduled time.
  4. “Discovery 19” will send you a text or email message if an employee does not take a scheduled lunch.
  5. “Discovery 19” will calculate regular, overtime, and double time DBL time.
  6. “Discovery 19” is accessible from anywhere in the world on any device—computer, smartphone, or tablet—with any operating system.
  7. “Discovery 19” is very smart. If you need to adjust employee data, the device will remember it for future reference.
  8. “Discovery 19” reports are acceptable in any court of law because the device is biometric and identifies employees by fingerprint.
  9. “Discovery 19” calculates only for the time your employees work.
  10. “Discovery 19” can keep track of employees at different locations.
  11. “Discovery 19” is partnered with Green 60 Payroll Services.
  12. “Discovery 19” is able to sort employees by number, name, location, department
  13. “Discovery 19” is able to provide data for any range of time and never purges or deletes the data.
  14. “Discovery 19” is stand alone system, and does not need to download any software to your computer.
  15. “Discovery 19” is able to work with any operating system, no matter how old.
  16. “Discovery 19” needs only a Device, LAN cable and Internet Connection to operate.