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We back our secure and convenient service with guaranteed low prices. We encourage you to shop around and if you find a lower quote for equal services we will give you two months free service and match the quote by adjusting our pricing. Our fees are based on “per processing of Payroll” and not monthly or quarterly. In other words you only pay for what you need… when you need it. Other companies charge by month or quarter. This is another advantage of working with Green60.com. Again, most Payroll companies will charge you even though you do not process the Payroll regularly.


Get started today by filling out the form below and receive a no obligation quote! 

You can also call one of our friendly reps at 1.844.473.3660.

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Customize reports are available for additional fees. It depends on what type of the reports, or service we need to perform.
Please call us at 1-844-Green60 (1-844-473-3660) for more information.

Pricing Example

*New Clients ONLY. This is a promotional rate and does not apply to existing clients. This will not change and there is no hidden charges.

Here is an example of a company that has less than five Employees, no miscellaneous deductions, and is paid bi-weekly.

Base Payroll Process Fee (each payroll time) $19.99 (up to one state)
Check Printing (monthly) FREE
Multiple State (Each State) $10.00
Setup FREE
New Employee Hires, Terminations $1.00 (per employee)
Direct Deposit (please allow 15 business days for setup) $1.00 (per employee, per payroll)
Additional Deductions such as:
401k, Wage Garnishment, Insurance, etc. .50 (per employee)
Quarterly Reports FREE
Annual Reports FREE

We love the sound of “EVERYTHING INCLUDED”, meaning that you will not be charged for Annual Reports or year-end reports. The only other charges involved are a year-end processing fee which will be between $35.00 to $75.00 per year and W2s printing fee which will depend on the number of W2s we print. There will not be any hidden charges.
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