April 27, 2020


Dear Sirs,

During this Covid19 Crisis I have been coming to the office to take care of all the Taxes, Payrolls and answer any question everybody has.  There are some questions we get more everyday that I would like to make that clear to everyone.


Green 60 Payroll Questions:

Answer  – You may go to www.Green60.com  entre your “username” and “password” on the left bar chose “Reports” quarterly” for form 9841 and “yearly” for form 940. Follow the screen.

Answer  –  After sign in go to “MyPayroll” and under the black bar you can find such report.

Answer  – Please give them at-least an hour to complete the process

R and R Accounting

Answer. -The stimulus check comes from IRS and we have no control over that. If you are eligible and IRS has your account number they will deposit it to you account if they do not they will send you a check .

Answer  – You may go to www.IRS.Gove and chose “where is my refund” and follow the screen. Do not be worry  if they cannot find your info. Wait until they send you a check.

Answer – News changes every minute and based on the information I received, yes they are eligible to get the check.

Answer –  Either you go to IRS.gov and change it there or complete form 8822 and mail that in. it will take time to be processed.

Answer –  If you applied, you need to wait till they respond to you. There is no phone number to call or website to check.

Answer  –  You need to contact your bank to complete the application. They need total wages, total income and expenses. All these information are in either 2018 of 2019 returns.